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What's your photography style?

Style is ever changing as fads and faux pas come and go.

I do, however, strive to keep my style natural, clean and

timeless. I want to be able to give my clients photos that in

50 years when you look back on them with grandkids the

memories start flowing back. I don't believe in over editing

and aim to get it right in camera. I love capturing the little

moments during the session. The candid, real life moments

inbetween the "shots" are always my favorite to capture. Lots 

of clients come to a session with requests, and while I try honor

certain requests, I try to stay away from the crazy, posey-posey

type photos. Yes, we all want that great photo of everyone looking at the camera and smiling

and I promise well get a few of those but I will usually tell you to walk over there or whisper in their ear

to try and capture some genuine actions and of course those true to you, genuine smiles!


What do I wear?

KEEP IT SIMPLE! Solid colors work best. Patterns of any sort can become a distraction and take away from you, which our main focus! Textured shirts will work but again try to keep it simple. Light colors and pastels always work great in reflecting light back onto your face. If there are multiple people involved I suggest keeping colors complementary, clashing colors can also distract from the main focus of the photo. We can also discuss more once your location is booked and figure out colors based on the background of the location.


Do you offer prints?

No, I do not offer prints. It just isn't part of my business plan and I prefer to go with the Shoot & Share method. You will receive your photos in a downloaded online gallery which provides you with an easy way to share your photos with family and friends. I do have suggestions for professional printers that provide prints and products if you are interested.


Can you make me look 20lbs lighter?

I'm sorry but no. Mostly because I don't believe in drastically changing a persons image, you are you and you are beautiful for that. I can however remove small blemishes upon clients request.


What editing programs do you use?

I mainly use Lightroom but occasionaly will use Photoshop for more detailed editing or creating collages.


Your pictures are great, you must have an expensive camera, right?

I shoot with a Canon 6D. The lenses I use are Sigma 50mm 1.4 and Canon 85mm 1.8.






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